Past and short term future

A little explenation why there was no 1.0 release and what are the tentative plans for the near future.


In 2019 I was looking to stop freelancing and re-join the ranks of office inhabiting mindless code monkeys. Even found a position in a startup which developed a wordpress based in flight entretainment system with an agreed work load which should have left enough time to me to get calmPress kicking.

Life has a tendency of disrupting the best “on the paper” plans. In addition to various off-line events it turns out that no matter how well you plan to separate work and hobby, work has always a bigger priority and even when you have an official plan to dedicate time for the hobby you might not have the mental capacity to dedicate to it after you spent it on a paying job.

And then came covid and the startup was an early casualty, and like many others, I could not concentrate on anything. Only after the two vaccine shots with general life all around returning to some kind of a more relaxed normality I could find the mental capacity to return to calmPress.

Near term future

I would like to have a 1.0 release based on wordpress 5.9, so probably at january 2022. The main feature that needs to be implemented is safe mode which requires a working built-in backup system. The backup actually mostly works right now but I took a break from finishing it to handle other “must haves” like built-in APCu support hoping that when I return to the backup I will have a better holistic understanding of how it should work in practice instead of focusing on coding details.

What 1.0 will hopefully be

I expect that at that point interested people will be willing to take it for a ride, hopefully use it on some test sites. I don’t envision a huge migration out of wordpress drive from the start which is why I do not invest into a migration plugin right now. Will put effort into it when there will be an actual demand.


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