Roadmap for the release of version 1.0

Before talking about 1.0 it is probably a good idea to update on the current status of the project.

As part of completing the separation between authors and users, it became clear that unlike previous changes which focused on deprecating things, this needs to be properly tested to ensure backward compatibility at the API level, and the best way to do it is to utilize the WordPress unit tests. This wasn’t very easy and there was no fun in doing it, but it was done and now every code change is being automatically tested by Travis.

In addition a lot of time was spent onĀ  rebasing calmPress 1.0 to use WordPress 5.1 as the reference point/origin for changes. This was not as trivial as anticipated especially since WordPress 5.1 includes many changes which are related to code styling and not to a new or changed functionality.

These experiences help quantify the amount of time that is likely to be required to have a 1.0 release with all the features in it. As the roadmap for WordPress 5.2 indicates that it is going to be released on April 30, it leaves too little time to release 1.0 before WordPress 5.2 gets released and since it is not a great idea to release something that will be outdated just a few days after the release, we are going to wait until it is released and base the 1.0 release on WordPress 5.2.

As it seems like rebasing to WordPress 5.2 can take two weeks, and time needs to be allocated for manual testing, the target date for releasing 1.0 is the end on May.

The current list of issues that should be resolved for 1.0

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