Joining the huge crowd rejecting gutenberg

Till this day I thought that gutenberg is a failure, but just because I do not like it do not mean it is totally worthless. Maybe, I thought, there is a place for it as an “opt in” editor which users that do not care that much about all of its UX, a11y, and performance problems can use.

But today came the commit and proved me wrong from two angles

  1. You just can not trust code that is being developed under time pressure from marketing. The security relaxation around the data attributes, might be ok in the end, but any such thing should be announced in advanced to give time to get comments from people which are security professionals. The fact that the reason for the commit is literally to “make gutenberg work for users with restricted permissions” and nothing more, is far from being trust inspiring.
  2. The fact that gutenberg needs special significant markup in the HTML generated by it just shows it is a page builder and not an editor.
    There is nothing wrong with page builders as long as they are being used for a “one off” content, but they should never be used as the main editor in a CMS software.

So not going to include it in version 1.0. Maybe will revisit this decision in a year, maybe by then it will mature enough and will become useful. Right now it is too “untested” to be used on production sites.